dream therapy

with Deb Rollings

I believe everyone has their own ‘dream code’,
and it’s in the recording of dreams
that patterns emerge

These patterns tell a story from your unconscious, bringing them into the consciousness — they give you important messages, even a fragment of a dream can be important.

Your dreams tell a story and are often connected, as in a series of dreams.

You may be disregarding your dreams
as meaningless or random.

But when you begin therapy,
you will soon start to connect to
their deeper meanings.

Recurring dreams or nightmares are very important.
Your unconscious will keep repeating a dream
until it comes into consciousness.

Your dream codes can involve transport
— buses, trains, cars, planes —
these are ‘journey’ dreams;

or others are set in
— buildings, houses, hotels —
or structures of some kind

Dreams can also be prophetic and psychic

I’ve had many clients who said
they never dreamt
until they started therapy with me!

When you start to dream it means you are coming alive internally, you are able to connect with your vibrancy, inspiration and imagination.

Dream analysis cannot be interpreted out of a ‘dream book’ as many believe. The true interpretation comes from making meaning as the dream applies to each individual’s life and cannot be summarised by an interpretation from a book!

I offer Dream Therapy as part of
my Psychotherapy sessions

Once you have the tools for interpretation you can start tuning into your dreams by yourself.

Dream Analysis is available by
email or Skype
as follows:

In-Depth Analysis: 
Single Dream or Recurring Dream

Explore the meaning, without ongoing therapy:

  • 1 hour session over skype, email or phone : A$150

Ongoing Dream Therapy for:
Time of Life-Change or Crisis

Guided therapeutic sessions, ongoing or as needed:

  • 1 hour sessions over skype, email or phone : A$120

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