Deb Rollings Psychotherapist


Deb Rollings

(Macq. Uni) MACA


I’m a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor with 30 years experience

  • Post Grad. Social Health Counselling (Macq Uni)
  • Prof Dip Counselling (AIPC)
  • Ministerial position as Official Visitor NSW Health
  • SMART (Self Managed and Recovery Training) Facilitator
  • Level 1 trained in Gottman’s Couples Method Therapy
  • Registered Clinical Supervisor ACA
  • Member ACA
  • Member AABCAP
  • Sessional Tutor with SGSCC

I believe in the therapeutic process and have also  committed myself to a life of my own inner process. 

I’m deeply interested in the human condition, and have been exploring its many nuances with my clients for the past three decades.

Combined with the Western psychotherapeutic approach, my background studies of the Eastern Philosophies, especially Taoism, and the Spiritual dimension of life, have led me to a more complete view of the human psyche.

Compassion is at the heart of my work for you. Heart and Mind must be brought together for wholeness.

As a psychotherapist, my training has provided me with the tools that have freed up the lives of people living in fear, or shame, or guilt, or frustration.

I find this work enormously gratifying.

For myself, I can sometimes be found with hands covered in soil as I create new scenes in my garden.  We are whole beings, and every aspect of our lives must be brought to consciousness so we can live our full potential.


My experience over 30 years involves both private practice and clinical mental health settings, including:

  • Therapist as part of a multi discipline health centre
  • Founder and partner of the Healing Arts Centre inc. Caringbah/Cronulla Counselling Service
  • Partner in The Sutherland Shire Psychotherapy Centre
  • Senior Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor NGO
  • Private practice with individuals and couples

Within these settings I have facilitated regular personal growth workshops including meditation, mindfulness, SMART (Self Managed And Recovery Training) and group supervision.