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For the past 30 years I’ve been guiding those who have desired to lead more fulfilling and authentic lives

My work as a psychotherapist is about facilitating a process of accessing your unconscious mind to explore patterns of behaviour that can sabotage your life and relationships

Deb Rollings Psychotherapist and Professional Supervisor

How Does Psychotherapy Work ?

As a holistic journey of self exploration, psychotherapy is a supportive therapy that facilitates your process to connect with your inner knowledge and your sense of self, to reclaim responsibility for your life choices.

Psychotherapy is a modality of therapy where we explore your unconscious motivations and drives. Through the therapy, we can uncover automatic, unconscious patterns of behaviour and thinking.

These patterns are explored through the unconscious conflicts that arise from  childhood experiences and family dynamics — after all, what other messages do we have other than the ones we internalised from childhood?

These internalised messages often don’t work for the adult trying to have adult relationships.

Through the therapeutic conversation, we explore what discomfort you are currently experiencing.  By deconstructing the patterns that created the discomfort we can discover the strategies for change.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Deborah Rollings over the past 20 years as a Teacher, Mentor, and Business Partner. Also as a Work Colleague and long-standing good Friend.

Deb has been a catalyst and a massive positive presence in my life for creating valuable change for which I am forever grateful. Her Wisdom, Knowledge, and Incredible Intuition, coupled with her innate Psychic abilities, are beyond words.

Deb encouraged me to fulfill my passions which led me to  become a Counsellor.

Deb has taught me all that I know professionally and personally and has helped build Resilience and Belief in myself.

I continue to see Deb regularly and I am forever learning from her deep well of knowledge and wisdom. 

I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to meet Deb and feel very grateful for her presence in this lifetime. 

She continues to always be dedicated to helping her clients evolve, learn, and become the very best versions of themselves. 

Deb is a Lamp post for all who are lucky enough to meet and be guided by her.

— Vivien Pollard


Why Psychotherapy ?

If you are interested in understanding the deeper meaning to your life story, then psychotherapy is for you!

Although other counselling techniques can crossover into the therapy, psychotherapy is about uncovering your deeper motivations for lasting change.

Psychotherapy is a way of healing and growing through your continual life challenges. Through psychotherapy you can understand and renegotiate the relationship with self and others.

How can Psychotherapy help me?

…with Psychotherapy, you can become:

  • more authentic
  • more present
  • more aware of yourself and the world
  • more capable of love and compassion
  • more creative
Purple Flowers by Rod Long

What Techniques
are used in Psychotherapy?

As every person is unique, there is no particular formula or modality – as a therapist I work individually with you and guide you by exploring dreamwork, mindfulness, family of origin and attachment theories. It is a collaborative approach.

Psychotherapy works with all life-problems, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Issues of self-worth
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Issues of identity

In the end these are the things
that matter most

How well did you love
How fully did you live
How deeply did you let go”

Jack Kornfield
Buddha’s Little Instruction Book

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